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Trademark registration

Registering your trademark can help you gain the trust of your customers, and protect your product or service from intellectual theft or imitation, but there are some things that you should consider before starting the registration procedures.

1) Your brand should not be indicative or directly reflect product specifications.

2) The trademark should not misleading to others, or far from the origin of the product or service associated with the trademark.

3) Distinguish the trademark of the product or service to be provided, and not to be similar to another trademark.

We at Egyptian International recommend you to register your trademark as soon as possible, in order to avoid any disputes that may arise from its use, to take the advantage of ten years of protection for your trademark upon registration, and the ability to extend it after the expiry date.

Required Documents to register your trademark with us:-

  • A copy of the commercial register or registering with ID card in case it is not available.
  • The commercial logo to be registered.
  • A special authorize for trademark registration, to be submitted within 5 months from the time of submitting the application.
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Trademark issues

If you are seeking to find the most effective solutions to various trademark issues related to your business, all you have to do is searching for a specialized company with great experience that has knowledge of trademark protection and registration procedures, and dealing with various trademark issues.

Through Egyptian International, you will find the best lawyers specialized in trademark affairs, with a high degree of professional experience, to provide all services and advices related to the selection, registration and protection of trademarks.

Registration of  industrial models

It is a right granted to owners of creative ideas to protect their rights to own ideas and protect them legally from any theft, by registering the industrial model and paying the fees for it.

The industrial model is every arrangement of lines, and every three-dimensional shape, with or without colors, took a distinctive appearance characterized by novelty and was capable of industrial use.

Industrial models are characterized by the elements of novelty and innovation if these designs give a distinct visual impression from others, which makes your product unique and different.

Therefore, Egyptian International provides you with a set of legal services to acquire the rights of industrial designs, implement them, register them, and protect them from theft, through:

  • Preparing, submitting, and filling out the required applications for industrial model registration.
  • Litigation procedures and how to confront intellectual attacks on industrial designs, and obtain judicial rulings against imitators, and and implement it.
  • Responding to the decisions and correspondences of the government office, whether grievances against the decisions related to the rejection of designs, to oppose the reasons for rejection, and then follow-up publication about it in an Official Gazette, and renewal on the scheduled dates.
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Patent registration

Our responsibility is to protect your invention and the essence of your ideas from theft or imitation, by providing a patent registration service, in case of your invention meets some necessary legal requirements, such as that your invention is unique and does not exist anywhere in the world, and that it is not Similar to any other patent.

Just take the advantage of our great expertise in patent cases and infringement, and we will provide you with all the necessary legal advice, and inform you about the procedures that your case requires, from the following services:

  1. Obtaining a patent.
  2. Keeping the patent.
  3. Patent defense.
  4. Avoid infringements.

Intellectual  property rights

At Egyptian International, we provide you with intellectual property rights protection services, which involve all kinds of mental creations, and include:

First: Industrial intellectual property, which includes trademarks, inventions, industrial designs and models.

Second: Literary intellectual property, which includes literary and artistic works, computer systems and programs, so that the innovator is granted an exclusive right to use his innovation for a specific period of time, so that he can exclusively obtain financial benefits from his creation.

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