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Trademark Registration Patent Registration Registration of Industrial Models Trademark Issues Intellectual Property Rights
Trademark Registration Patent Registration Industrial Models Trademark Issues Intellectual Property Rights

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Why Egyptian International?

In Egyptian International, we have a long professional history in protecting trademarks, industrial models, and intellectual property rights with more than 20 years of experience in the field since we started our professional activity, which made us a source of trust for many clients to authorize us to protect their intellectual rights.

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Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights

At Egyptian International, we provide you with intellectual property rights protection services, which involve all kinds of mental creations, and include: First: Industrial intellectual property, which includes trademarks, inventions, industrial designs and models.

Patent registration

Patent registration

Our responsibility is to protect your invention and the essence of your ideas from theft or imitation, by providing a patent registration service, in case of your invention meets some necessary legal requirements, such as that your invention is unique and does not exist anywhere in the world, and that it is not Similar to any other patent.

Trademark registration

Trademark registration

Registering your trademark can help you gain the trust of your customers, and protect your product or service from intellectual theft or imitation, but there are some things that you should consider before starting the registration procedures.

Registration of Industrial Models

Registration of industrial models

It is a right granted to owners of creative ideas to protect their rights to own ideas and protect them legally from any theft, by registering the industrial model and paying the fees for it. The industrial model is every arrangement of lines, and every three-dimensional shape, with or without colors, took a distinctive appearance characterized by novelty and was capable of industrial use.
At first, we accurately examine your trademark, and check whether it is similar or imitating another trademark that has already been registered by another company, and investigates if there is another reason for refusing to register the trademark.
After ensuring the integrity of the trademark examination, Egyptian International goes for ensuring that the documents and papers required to submit the registration application are available, and save it in a special file for registration on a date to be determined.
Proclamation in an official newspaper
If the trademark registration is approved, the trademark registration shall be announced in a well-known local newspaper, in order to protect the trademarks that are already used in the market but have not been registered, and to give them the opportunity to object with an application submitted to the Ministry within one month from the date of publication. If the trademark registration is refused, we can file a grievance to appeal the trademark registration.
Final registration
In this step, the trademark is finally registered, in the case of that no one objects to the registration of this trademark. The owner of the trademark obtains a certificate containing the data of the institution and the image of the trademark, as well as being granted protection for a period of ten years from the date of registration of the trademark.
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