Who we are

Egyptian International  

In Egyptian International, we have a long professional history in protecting trademarks, industrial models, and intellectual property rights with more than 20 years of experience in the field since we started our professional activity, which made us a source of trust for many clients to authorize us to protect their intellectual rights.

Our history full of successful issues in protecting and documenting trademarks and registering intellectual property is what made Egyptian International one of the most outstanding companies in this field in Egypt, and made it enjoy a good reputation in the intellectual rights protection market, by providing various legal advice on trademark protection.

We have a distinguished group of consultants and lawyers who specialize in defending against theft or counterfeiting of any trademark, industrial model, patent or copyright infringement.

Our service covers Egypt and all over the world, through the offices of our representatives located in many countries around the world.

بعض عملائنا

Egyptian International

Our vision

We strive to do our best to maintain our leading position in the protection of intellectual rights, and to invest our accumulated experiences to provide the best services to our customers, from trademark registration, patents, industrial designs, and protection of intellectual property rights.

Egyptian International

Our Mission

In Egyptian International, we have a clear goals that we seek to achieve:

  • Helping startups to establish, and protect their commercial activities and intellectual rights, until they reach the stage of stability and success.
  • Sharing the burden with large companies, and authorize us in various cases and disputes related to trademarks.
  • Providing all legal advice related to trademark issues and disputes.
  • Registration of patents, and protection of intellectual property rights for literary works and authors.

بعض عملائنا

Our Most Valuable

We have in Egyptian International
an honorary list of clients who trusted our services and used them in order to protect their intellectual rights and trademarks.