Definition Of IP > Definition of Intellectual Property's

The Intellectual Property's Rights are divided into two sections:

Industrial Property's, and Artistic and Literary Property's
Industrial Property's

Types of Industrial Property's are patents, utility patterns, drawings, industrial patterns, trade marks, trade names and geographical indicators.

Artistic and Literary Property's

It includes copy rights and what is connected to it of actors rights, Audio-records producers, Radio Authorities which are called the rights neighboring to Copy rights.

The intellectual property's with its two divisions, differs from the property's of money because the right of intellectual property's does not express property or movable money but it expresses the non visual minded production of man in all its types. This right is intellectual which has money value. The intellectual property's rights differ from personal rights because the personal rights express legal bond between the debtor and the debtee but this bond does not exist in all types of Intellectual Property's.