About Us

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We are ( Egyptian International for Intellectual property ) legally specialized agents of patents concerning registration and protection of all affairs of Intellectual Property such as Trademark, Industrial Design, patent and Copy rights in Egypt and all over the world through our representatives offices spread all over the world.
We have also a distinguished group of specialized consultants and lawyers to defend against any theft or imitation of any Trademark, industrial pattern, patent or authors right in front of all courts. Our experience in this field exceeds twenty years and we have excellent previous works. The fields in which we introduce our services are registration of (patents, inventions, medical materials, chemical compounds, Trade-marks, emblems and logograms, companies names, products names, form and content of the product itself, distinguished packages and covers of the products, designs and drawings, industrial Designs , copy rights in the field of art & cinema production, scientific thesis, literary writings, stories, poetry and songs, pictures and tableaus, geometrical drawings, advertisements & propaganda methods, fashion & clothes designs, Earth and Space channels, communication & internet, computer hardware and software, chemical, medical, engineering, weaving, wooden, paper, plastic, leather and food industries, makeup?etc.). It gives us pleasure to be your agents in introducing, Registering, renewing of protection period, transferring of propertys, having license of utilizing Trade-marks, industrial Design s, patents, authors right and all affairs connected to Intellectual propertys in Egypt and all over the world. We execute and supervise all legal procedures from A to Z till delivering you final certificates. We follow the procedures during periods of legal protection and renewing it on legal time. Therefore, we advise you not to hesitate to contact us to know our very, very distinguished fee in Egypt and all over the world.